Maritime Intelligence

Competitor intelligence, commodity tracking, fleet benchmarking, fleet populations and trading prices.

Big data

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Maritime Intelligence

"89% of business leaders believe big data will revolutionize business operations in the same way the internet did" - Forbes, May 2015

Over $1Trillion in commodities are traded annually. 50,000 ships carry over 90% of the $18.5 trillion in annual worldwide trade

Maritime-based big data is incredibly hard to aggregate, structure and utilize in decision making. As a result, data monetization is extremely complex, leaving billions of dollars on the table.

The MariTrace platform provides data and actionable intelligence. MariTrace combines Big Data expertise with decades of Maritime Intelligence expertise. In every vertical, one company emerges that offers actionable, predictive data, enabling customers to make better economic and operational decisions. For the maritime market, we are that company.

Big data and analytics can unlock maritime data and some of the tools MariTrace offers you are listed below.

Commodity tracker

Market performance data for informed commodity trading and cargo decision making. See calculated and quantified commodities movement, from where to where and by whom.

  • Analyse the global supply and demand cycle for key commodities; cleaned data
  • Use MariTrace to help predict future supply and price movements
  • Quantify on-water commodity volumes
  • Map trade volumes through to individual port level, and specific company and operators

Fleet analysis

Fleet performance and benchmarking data to give insights into competitive landscapes. Examine over 7,000 companies who own or operate vessels and reveal operational insights into each, including load status, speeds, vessel draughts, and ports of call.

World Fleet Populations

World fleet population data from 2005 onwards for 12 different vessel types across 4 size categories.

Trading Prices

MariTrace provides automatically updating trade price indexes and 46 other indicators for over 100 maritime companies whose fleets are registered within MariTrace as well as Natural Gas, WTI Crude and Brent Crude futures data.

Data services

As well as making data available via the MariTrace interface, we provide several proprietary data sets via an API service. This allows you and your company to examine that data internally, tease out your own conclusions, or include it within your own internal applications.

Bespoke data and services

MariTrace provides bespoke data supply and analysis services to maritime, law, and the financial services industries. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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